about Dave
about Candice


I have been involved with photography since my childhood. My grandfather had his own studio and I loved to watch him work while my grandmother assisted him with making children smile. I felt privileged to be in the dark room with him and loved seeing the images develop. I have always loved photography and although I never planned to “grow up and be a photographer” I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else now.

As a mother I cherish details and moments that won’t last forever. I understand how each age that your baby is becomes your favorite and then suddenly they are a child that is full of wonder.

I love real and I love love…I love finding beauty in everyone…I also love elderly people.

I am right brained. (Dave is not)

I look forward to meeting you and thank you for allowing me to photograph what you hold most dear.

Some fun facts about us…

We have two children.  Our daughter, Charley, who is seven and loves horses, dancing, and helping us work.  Ronin, three, who loves running, climbing, and is a loud noise covered in food most of the time.  He is also obsessed with sunglasses.

We met on myspace (don’t laugh too hard)

Our wedding anniversary is New Years Eve. (This was to ensure that Dave wouldn’t forget it)

It rained an insane amount the day we went to get married and the day we re-newed our vows and had our outdoor reception. Everything that could have went wrong did, but we had an awesome time and so did our guests.  If rain is good luck for your wedding we are real darn lucky.

We often get teary- eyed at weddings.

Dave forced me to watch all of the star wars movies both times I was pregnant.

We love our jobs and we love our clients!! Thank you for checking us out!!




I started to follow my dream to be a professional photographer in 2006. If it wasn’t for the support of my wife who believed in my potential then, I don’t know if I would be where I am now.
When I was a child my mother took photography classes and has many great images of us growing up. When I first started taking photos with cheap disposables cameras, It drove me nuts that I could not take photos that looked like the ones she took. As I started to learn, it opened a new world of possibilities.

The whole process of photojournalism still excites me today. I love when I capture moments as they unfold. Raw, candid and real.

I try to make all of my photo shoots fun for the subject (and me), it’s what keeps the “work” interesting and enjoyable.

When I’m not working, I like to nerd out on video games, movies, politics and the internet. I am most productive when I get to blast music while I work.
My other job is helping Candice find her phone… often.